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Smart IC Card Sensor Cabinet Lock

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Smart IC Card Sensor Cabinet Lock Locker Wardrobe Shoe Cabinet Drawer Door Locks
1. Flexible use, multiple management technologies, free switching of multiple-clock unlocking methods. Safe and intelligent care of your baby. Single key unlocking/Dual key unlocking/One key to open multiple locks/Multiple keys to open one lock.
2. Anti-theft and tamper-proof design. Anti-high temperature lock core, ABS flame retardant material, stainless steel lock, all copper induction coil, glass fiber reinforced plastic circuit board, imported chip, very stable power saving and stable performance.
3. Easy to install, no need to drill holes in the door. Hole-free installation, drawers, lockers, single-opening cabinet doors, double-opening cabinet doors can be installed, households, units, gymnasiums, sauna centers, etc. are suitable.
4. Automatic pin lock cylinder, automatic authorization, no software management. There are 3 types of permissions: management card, master card, and guest card. 3 administrator cards and 11 user cards can be set with the same lock. You just need to close the door lightly and it will automatically lock.
5. The motor life is more than 100,000 times, the split lock structure is easy to install, the inductance is less than 8 microamps (static), and the dynamic is less than 150 milliamperes. It is suitable for all kinds of wooden boxes.
6. Press the ID card on the outside of the cabinet, the lock will open and open the door (note: only used for doors with a maximum thickness of 2.5cm, ID cards can be used for doors with a maximum thickness of 4.5cm).
7. It will alarm when the battery is insufficient to open the lock, and then you can open it for 20 times. If the battery is out of power, it will not lock and automatically open.
8. The shipment does not contain batteries, please purchase the batteries yourself. After installation, please install the battery before closing the cabinet door


Color: Black
Material: ABS environmental protection material
Unlocking method: IC card
Reply time: one second after sliding
Working voltage: 6V
Induction distance: less than 5cm
Static power: 15
Dynamic power: 120
Temperature: -25℃-75℃
Humidity: 93%RH
Under-voltage indication: low pressure warning
Power supply: double AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Standard configuration: 1 white card + 2 blue keychain keys (white card sensing distance 5cm, keychain sensing distance 2.5cm)
Size: lock body: 86*63*28mm; lock: 36*21*16mm
Net weight: 135g

Mode setting:
1. Single player mode: unlock with one card
Press the initialization button for 3 seconds, the buzzer will beep for a long time.
2. Two-player mode: two cards are required to unlock
After the first step is completed, press the initialization button, followed by two short beeps. (One beep in single card mode, two beeps in dual card mode)
3. The same lock can be set with 3 administrator cards and 11 user cards.

Card settings:
1. Administrator card:
After initialization, the first card swiped is the administrator card. You can set up to 3 management cards.
2. User card:
First swipe the administrator card, there is a buzzer, you can add user cards, you can set up to 11 user cards.
3. Delete:
Swipe the administrator card 3 times to delete all user cards; swipe the administrator card 5 times to delete all the administrator cards.


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- For support please send whatsapp 00971504177253 or email us

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